With a world full of amazing destinations, choosing the perfect place to spend your holidays at can be quite a challenge. From Aspen to Beijing, all popular locations have that special something that will make your holidays just unforgettable. But which “special something” is special just for you? We have compiled a list of ten luxury destinations from all over the world to make your life a little easier and help you pick your perfect holiday.

  1. PARIS

The city of romance, with its iconic Eiffel Tower lit up in the night, and the number of royal castles and lavish cathedrals is the perfect holiday destination not only for history buffs, but also for everyone who’s looking for a thrilling sight-seeing adventure. Contact Rodeo Concierge if you want us to plan this trip for you.

  1. ASPEN

When you hear the name Aspen, you immediately think of skiing. This Colorado resort is one of the top winter destinations in the world, so if you can’t imagine your Christmas without snow and skiing, it is the place for you.

  1. DUBAI

If you’d prefer to spend your holidays in a place that features year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, and beautiful waters, visit Dubai and enjoy a plethora of glamorous events, restaurants, and hotels it offers. If you want, Rodeo Concierge can do all your bookings for you.


If you’re looking for a calmer destination where you can spend some romantic time away from the crowds with your significant other, or just want to spend some quality time alone and relax, this famous Greek destination is ideal for you.


Winter in London means chilly mornings in royal parks, and picturesque shopping streets adorned with pretty Christmas lights. So if you’re looking to experience this winter fantasy, book a hotel and enjoy London holidays. Rodeo Concierge can help you with your arrangements.


This picturesque and mountainous city of Japan is the perfect destination for anyone interested in traditional winter holidays that have an exotic twist. Offering activities for both skiers and non-skiers, Nagano can be your winter fantasy.    


Spend your holidays in one of the world’s smallest countries where you can expect peace, space, but also adventure thanks to its rich wild-life and perfect beaches, many encircled by coral reefs.


If you’re an avid surfer and want to spend your holiday on the waves, this destination is just right for you. But, Cape Town offers something even for the lazier travelers – you can spend your holidays in Cape Town’s favorite cozy cafés and have dinner at gorgeous restaurants with fireplaces.


Abu Dhabi is one of those destinations that are on the warmer side and offers a great refuge from unforgiving winter weather of the West, plus, it’s teeming with attractions, stylish hotels and high-end restaurants. It won’t disappoint even the most demanding of guests.


Winter in Beijing usually lasts from November until March, and it’s pretty cold. But, there are many interesting activities that you can enjoy in winter, like skiing, skating, visiting numerous traditional festivals, and admiring the beautiful scenery.

If you’ve decided to stay in the States and visit cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, or New York, contact us at Rodeo Concierge and let us plan a perfect luxury destinations holiday for you!

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