2017 Bentley Mulsanne

Since its foundation in 1919 – almost a hundred years ago! – Bentley‘s been in constant search for a car that will not only take you from point A to point B, but also take you there with style. Nowadays, Bentley is definitely among the world’s most prestigious automotive companies which surprise us yearly with their aesthetic tweaks and technical improvements, with a goal to make your travel a particularly unique and ever more luxurious experience. With their 2017 Mulsanne they went a step further – whether you’re driving this car yourself, or being driven, you’ll experience unprecedented comfort and sumptuousness.


The flagship model of the Bentley Range, the Bentley Mulsanne, is one of the finest Bentley models, distinguishable by its contemporary design and skilled craftsmanship. The front end is dominated by a lavish front grille, which features bright vertical stainless steel vanes, making the car look wide and sleek. Chrome lashings embellish the front end and carry all the way to the rear. The car also has recognizable B-shaped tail lights, and the distinct Bentley insignia can be seen within the LED headlights.


Being inside a Mulsanne is really something else. The wood adorning the interior looks so natural, as if it grew in place, and the leather feels unbelievably natural and soft to touch. As with many other luxurious cars, Bentley customers can also have their car personalized. You can choose color, select unique veneers or get personalized inscriptions on the seats. The cabin is designed in a way to be comfortable and enjoyable no matter whether you’re driving the car, or being driven. As for the technology, the new, 2017 Mulsannes feature an improved infotainment system with a 60-gigabyte solid-state hard drive, as well as an 8-inch touchscreen in the dash you can access either directly or via a haptic controller in the center stack. The navigation system is extremely reliable, using Google Earth imagery.


This beautiful beast comes with a 6.8-liter turbocharged, overhead-valve V-8 engine, which drives through the typical eight-speed automatic transmission. For such a big machine, Mulsanne is pretty fast. With a powerful 752 lb-ft of torque, it can reach 62 mph in just 5.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 184 mph, which is pretty astounding. Innovative engine technology also comes with competitive emissions and fuel consumption, which makes it obvious that the guys at Bentley weren’t looking to just make a comfortable and fast car, but also one that will be eco-friendly.


Regardless of where you decide to go with your Mulsanne, you will definitely attract curious – and even more envious – looks from people you’re passing by. The monstrous 2017 Bentley Mulsanne is a category of its own – it stands out even in places like Los Angeles, where it really isn’t easy to stand out.

If being part of the extravagant Rodeo Drive elite sounds as appealing to you as it indeed is, contact us and let us help you turn yet another one of your dreams into reality!


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