When you think of awesome sports cars, Ferrari immediately comes to mind. Indeed, Enzo Ferrari started his company with one passion in mind: racing. He founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 meaning to build only racing cars. However, as the time passed and things changed, Ferrari also started producing road cars, and even though in the beginning these had not primarily been their goal, Ferrari still stuck to their philosophy of “building the greatest cars in the world”. Nowadays, some of the world’s most famous and sought-after sports and road cars come from this passionate speed addict’s workshop.

So, what does Ferrari have in store for us this year?


It’s a little-known fact that almost one out of every three Ferraris sold is a California T model, and let’s not lie to ourselves, we’d like to take a ride in one too. Imagine how awesome it would be driving by the beach with the roof down, with wind ruffling your hair, while you’re watching the beautiful coastal scenery drift by you from an equally beautiful car.


This car is perfect for you if you have a vision of what you want in a car. There’s almost an endless color palette for the exterior hue, interior which can be customized according to your wishes, and the convertible also comes with top-notch modern technology that includes front and rear parking cameras, adaptive suspension, and an amazing touchscreen navigation system.


California T exudes sublime elegance on the outside, but on the inside, it has a heart of a real sports car. Its 3.9-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine, which has an unbelievable 552 horsepower and 557 lb-ft of torque, is enough to send the convertible from zero to 60 in about 3.6 seconds. There’s so much of the torque you won’t need to shift, but since the transmission is so epic, you’ll want to go through the gears just to feel them and hear the purr of the new exhaust setup. Talk about smooth rides!

Since the “T” model is so new, there aren’t many changes this year – except for the newly optional Handling Speciale package. For a car which barely needed any changes, the company actually really scored with this new upgrade. The car is now even more perfect for those who like comfortable and luxurious long drives, but enjoy the sporty feeling and the rush of adrenaline while pushing the pedal to the metal. The steering is wonderful, and the car has an excellent grip, feeling light despite its robustness.


In a nutshell, California T is an amazing car, which won’t only thrill you but will also thrill the passers-by. The latest (and greatest!) California is for supercars lovers who love to travel with style. Proudly flaunting its amazing exterior, awesome transmission, massive power, stability, and the recognizable Italian sexiness, this car won’t disappoint you in any possible way.

So, if you want it all – both the luxurious style and amazing performance – feel free to contact us, because we can make this Italian dream come true for you.

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