Nightlife in Vegas is rich, to say the least. There are numerous clubs that offer great fun until the wee hours, but if you’re here to visit, you’ll want to have the real Vegas experience – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?  To make sure you have the best time possible, we have made a list of 5 best clubs that you shouldn’t miss.


XS is one of the most expensive nightclubs in Vegas, and the right place for you if you want your night out to be extravagant. The interior is basically all gold, the dance floor is always crowded and hot, but if you want some breathing space, there is also an outdoor pool area. In short, XS has it all. And apart from the amazing interior, atmosphere, and service, you can also expect amazing music: you’ll see some of the top DJs in the music industry, such as Skrillex, Deadmau5, Avicci, and others.


After its grand opening in 2015, Omnia has quickly become the hottest club in Vegas. Located in Caesars Palace, Omnia is a luxurious club that doesn’t accept just anyone. The lavish Omnia experience is only for the stylish. A 65-foot-tall ceiling dome encompasses a huge kinetic chandelier which will make you feel like you’re in another world, and a colossal lighting system will gradually reveal layers of architectural wonders. Music is also out of this world, played by star-studded EDM DJs, like Calvin Harris and Armin Van Burren.


Hakkasan is one of the most particular nightclubs in Vegas. It has five floors, which are connected by stairs and include everything you could possibly be up for – there’s fine dining and dim sum on the first floor, a social lounge on the second floor, and three nightlife venues, which include a huge dance floor and spacious bar areas, between the floors three and five. As for the music, you will see the biggest DJs in the world, including Tiesto, Calvin Harris, and Afrojack.


10ak is a nightclub with one of the most brilliant interior designs – it will make you feel like you’re visiting a movie theater rather than an actual club. The main rectangular room slopes downwards and surrounds the dance floor, and ample sofas and wraparound screens are what makes this club so much like a movie theater. It’s smaller than some of the other Vegas clubs, which means it tends to get crowded, but if you’re big on Kardashians, you can’t miss it, as it seems to be one of the go-to clubs for the members of this popular family.  


Marquee is, in contrast to 10ak, pretty spacious, offering a lot of different rooms. There’s even a library and an outdoor area by the pool if you’re up for something calmer. It’s one of the busiest nightclubs besides XS, so even if you’re going out on Monday, it’ll still be one of the most crowded spots. But because it is as popular as it is, you can’t even think about getting in if your name’s not on the guest list.


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